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Hard Drive and Backup Tape Data Destruction Services

Why Use Mather Data Destruction?
We Come to You
Our service specializes in coming to your location. No need to risk shipping hard drives before they are destroyed.

We Work Inside Your Premises
We actually setup a mobile production line within your building. Again, no need to risk removing sensitive data from the premises before knowing it's permanently destroyed.

Our Equipment is Verified
Before we start each job, we verify our equipment is operating at maximum strength to carry out the hard drive destruction.

Witness the Destruction
We encourage you to watch us carry out the destruction process.

Peace of Mind
Hard Drive (and backup tape) destruction is carried out on the spot. Know that when we leave, your hard drives are permanently destroyed. Data recovery is not possible.

Certificate of Destruction
Before we depart, you'll receive a Certificate of Destruction with details about the just-completed hard drive destruction work.

How it Works
  1. Contact Mather Data Destruction to schedule a time that's convenient for you.
  2. We visit your place of business and set up a temporary mobile destruction line inside your facility.
  3. You hand your hard drives to our personnel.
  4. We sign for and destroy them immediately.
  5. Afterwards, you receive documentation establishing that you are complying with data protection laws.

Contact us via email at:

Mather Data Destruction * Mather AFB * CA * USA * 95655 * Phone: (916) 287-1985 * Fax: (877) 919-0321