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Why Destroy Hard Drives?
It's the Law
Organizations must comply with laws and regulations requiring the protection of sensitive data, especially when it is discarded. Otherwise, you're exposing yourself to fines and lawsuits.

HIPAA and FACTA are Federal laws requiring certain organizations take all necessary steps to destroy information before it is discarded. Compliance is mandatory, or risk severe financial penalties.

Your Customers Demand It
No matter what kind of business you're in, customers share information with you -- and they'll expect you to keep any sensitive information private.

In fact, if your customers believe you're not taking seriously your duty to safeguard their information, including when it's time to discard your business computers and hard drives, then you'll lose those customers.

Your Employees Expect It
Past and present employees have a legal right to have their sensitive information destroyed before it's discarded.

Copies of information about a person's employment: job application, drug tests, expense reports, insurance forms, are examples of information that could be sitting on a computer hard drive and must be destroyed before recycling that computer.

Why Use an NSA Methodology?
Lowest Risk Method
The National Security Agency ("NSA") provides guidance on protecting the United States' confidential data. This includes guidelines on using the right procedures and equipment when destroying hard drives.

Because the NSA core mission pertains to national security, its methods offer the lowest risk approach to permanently destroying hard drives and other media.

Focus on Security
NSA hard drive destruction guidelines focus on security only, and articulating the lowest-risk way to permanently destroy information. The guidelines don't take into account market trends, marketing, capital investments, shareholders' equity, or maximizing business profits.

Federal Government and DoD
If it's good enough for the Department of Defense isn't it good enough for your organization? Seriously, won't you feel more secure telling your customers and employees that
their data is destroyed in a military-grade way?

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